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2019 Annual Gospel Meeting

2019 Spring Meeting – “Faith of Our Youth”

Saturday Song Service

Isaac Rude – Resisting Temptation: Practical Ways

Brad Tutterow – Encouraging Our Youth

Jeremy Morris – Raising Up Girls Spritually

Mark Morris – Raising Up Boys Spiritually

Sunday Song Service

Blake Stanley – Growing Up Spritually

David Madden – Thoughts at the Lord’s Table

Dave Hartman – The Older Teaching the Younger

Steve Wright – How To Encourage the Fallen

2018 Annual Gospel Meeting

2018 Spring Meeting: “Concerning Shepherds”

Kyle Stephens – Shepherds in the Bible


Steve Wright – The Two Shepherds: Zechariah 11:1-17


Duane Proudfit – Personal Experiences from a Shepherd and Elders (Parts 1 & 2)


Kevin Ferguson – The Leadership of Moses from a Shepherd’s Perspective


Ed Hensley – The Good Shepherd (thoughts at the Lord’s Table): John 10:11


Flint Fenton – The Lord is my Shepherd: Lessons from David


Ken Morton – The Congregation’s Responsibilities to Their Elders


Calvin Spencer – The Elders’ Responsibilities to Their Congregation

2017 Annual Gospel Meeting

2017 Lawrence Weekend Meeting.

  • Saturday – “Ruth’s Truths”
  • Sunday – “Lessons from Godly Women”


Neal Ross: Ruth’s Noble Choice


Marc Hermon: Ruth’s Lowly Service


Steve Wright: Ruth’s Tender Plea


Tad Morris: Ruth’s Marital Joy


Richard Garbi:Sarai, Sarah, Sara


Rusty Spencer: Lord’s Table


Zach Crane: Hannah


Gerald Clevenger:Mary, the Mother of Jesus


Keith Fenton: Heart of Mary / Hands of Martha


2016 Annual Gospel Meeting

2016 Lawrence Weekend Meeting

Craig Hensley: Free Will <- Perspectives -> Decisions


Kevin Ferguson: Yielding Our Free Will


Steve Wright: Grace vs. Faith or Grace and Faith?


Brandon Lee: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of…


Art Turner: Personal accountability/Self-discipline


Chisom Spencer: Lord’s Table


Steve Wright: Does it really matter what church I attend?


Jeremy Morris: Personal Evangelism


Randy Teghtmeyer: Congregational Evangelism