2018 Annual Gospel Meeting

2018 Spring Meeting: “Concerning Shepherds”

Kyle Stephens – Shepherds in the Bible


Steve Wright – The Two Shepherds: Zechariah 11:1-17


Duane Proudfit – Personal Experiences from a Shepherd and Elders (Parts 1 & 2)


Kevin Ferguson – The Leadership of Moses from a Shepherd’s Perspective


Ed Hensley – The Good Shepherd (thoughts at the Lord’s Table): John 10:11


Flint Fenton – The Lord is my Shepherd: Lessons from David


Ken Morton – The Congregation’s Responsibilities to Their Elders


Calvin Spencer – The Elders’ Responsibilities to Their Congregation

2017 Annual Gospel Meeting

2017 Lawrence Weekend Meeting.

  • Saturday – “Ruth’s Truths”
  • Sunday – “Lessons from Godly Women”


Neal Ross: Ruth’s Noble Choice


Marc Hermon: Ruth’s Lowly Service


Steve Wright: Ruth’s Tender Plea


Tad Morris: Ruth’s Marital Joy


Richard Garbi:Sarai, Sarah, Sara


Rusty Spencer: Lord’s Table


Zach Crane: Hannah


Gerald Clevenger:Mary, the Mother of Jesus


Keith Fenton: Heart of Mary / Hands of Martha


Canonization of the Bible

This is a study that was led by Charles Fry in 2004 during the men’s study at the Church of Christ on Smart Road in Lee’s Summit, MO

CanonOfScripture (Powerpoint)

CanonOfScripture (PDF)

Audio Part 1 of 6:


Audio Part 2 of 6:


Audio Part 3 of 6:


Audio Part 4 of 6:


Audio Part 5 of 6:


Audio Part 6 of 6:



2016 Annual Gospel Meeting

2016 Lawrence Weekend Meeting

Craig Hensley: Free Will <- Perspectives -> Decisions


Kevin Ferguson: Yielding Our Free Will


Steve Wright: Grace vs. Faith or Grace and Faith?


Brandon Lee: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of…


Art Turner: Personal accountability/Self-discipline


Chisom Spencer: Lord’s Table


Steve Wright: Does it really matter what church I attend?


Jeremy Morris: Personal Evangelism


Randy Teghtmeyer: Congregational Evangelism